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How Can I Be a Role Model?

role model Sep 09, 2020

How Can I Become a Better Role Model?

I’m not a superstar, an athlete, or even a famous person. I’m not a millionaire or as smart as Einstein. We may not have even met before. But you don’t have to be a superstar or famous to be a true role model. Sure, we sometimes look to the famous as heroes. But, not all superstars, athletes or famous people are good role models.

A true role model is someone others look up to and want to be like, because they have integrity, high values and are optimistic and compassionate. They are determined to show up as their best selves no matter what is going on in their lives. They’re clear about what is important, and will make a positive difference in another’s life.

What Makes a Good Role Model?

There are different kinds of role models – and not all are showing up as honest and authentic – or even living fulfilled and happy lives. Looking up to someone as a hero even though they are living a morbid and...

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