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How I Found My Life Passion

purpose Aug 17, 2020

Have you found your passion in life? Do you jump out of bed each morning with excitement as you greet the new day?   

 You have what you want - great job, nice home, dependable car. No bells or whistles! You’re just living a content life. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. No guessing; no life challenges. You don’t even have to take scary risks! You always know what is coming next. We call this  “living safe!”

You’re asking “What’s wrong with living safe?

Living a life without challenge is fine for some. But not you!

You are a high performer and look for challenges that take you to your next level of success. You take on opportunities to grow and reach the goals before you.

It all starts with that nudge – a poke a voice! It’s your inner voice speaking up from deep in your mind. It  asks you: What accomplishments have I done in my life? Have I allowed myself to live? Am I truly happy?


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