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Being Patient

patience Jun 28, 2020



Can we learn to be more patient? 

“Are we there yet?” When the kids were small, I heard this a lot! They couldn’t wait to be at the final destination on after a long car ride, and grew even more impatient waiting for the big Birthday party or the upcoming visit to the amusement park.  

Now, even as adults we can find impatience sneaking into our lives. We grow impatient with ourselves when learning a new job, or putting a new process or system in place. We get impatient waiting on long lines or in traffic. And yes, we sometimes even find impatience with a family member.

In today’s world everything is moving fast. We pack our day full of tasks and projects, not taking a minute away from chasing the clock until the end of the day when we can look back at all the things we accomplished today.

We ask ourselves: What did I do today?” The truth sinks in! We were rushing so fast through the day – mindlessly...

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