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How Am I Joyful?

joy Oct 14, 2020

How do we feel Joy? Does it show up in our lives every day? Are we waiting for something to happen to have a reason to be joyful?

Being joyful doesn’t happen because of an event or an occurrence. If we wait for something to happen to bring happiness or joy to us, we may have a long wait. Joy isn’t something we find. It’s within each one of us.

How can we be joyful today? Now? There’s a difference in waiting for joy and living in joy! Waiting for something wonderful to happen so we can find joy leaves us looking for the next shiny object that we believe will bring us joy.  When we reach for that shiny object, we find that pleasure is short-lived. Then, we are off looking for the next shiny object. Our search for joy is based on things or circumstances that bring a false sense of joy.

True joy comes from the heart. We find happiness in the things we see and do each day. Joy is a central part of our life and is expressed in everything we do. We have a more...

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