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Rise Above the Noise

growth Jul 28, 2020

 Today, we are living in a different time!

The pandemic that has swept around the world has changed us! Many precious lives have been lost; some people are now feeling very alone, distressed, or fearful of what’s ahead. The constant daily reminders that we face – in newscasts, social media, and through personal contact may try to control our happiness and joy.

STOP! It’s noise!

Now, just for a moment take yourself away from all of this noise!  Close your eyes. Think! Do you remember what you were doing a few short months ago?

What were those goals you had before everything came to a stop? What were the dreams you were hoping to reach one day? How did you connect with others? Were you showing up as your best self? Were you caring, compassionate, and confident with who you are? 

We don’t have to allow ourselves to be part of the noise – living in fear, despair and feeling alone. We can rise above the noise and not allow ourselves to be...

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