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Am I Grateful?

gratitude Aug 23, 2020

           It’s just another day!

I jump out of bed ready to start another day, pour the coffee, and go about the usual morning tasks like a programmed robot. I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular. This is how mornings typically begin! Then I’m off on my day, facing chores and tasks that have been scheduled on my calendar.

Each morning I think of something I am grateful for – a typical morning, also robotic. Then one morning – lost in my typical routine – a thought came through like a lightening strike. Am I truly grateful?

I listened to many webinars on YouTube, read books and heard so much about acknowledgment of being grateful. I felt that I was grateful – grateful for another day. Grateful for coffee, and that it’s another sunny day.

But, on this day, the question “Are you grateful?” broke through my morning doldrum, and came to me so abruptly that it...

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