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My Special Gift

giving Dec 09, 2020

Do you go through the annual episode of buying the perfect gifts to give to each family member and friend? It just has to be perfect!

If you’re like me – this decision can take hours, or even days. What will they like? What do they want? It just has to be special!

This year is no different!

As the Holidays quickly approach, I was, again thinking about what gifts to buy. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is toys and electronics that the kids are wishing for. They always have a long list for me to choose from, so it’s usually easy to decide what to give each one of them.

While going through each list I wondered: “What is the most special gift of all that I could give?” Toys keep their interest and excitement for a while, but in time the enjoyment fades, and then the toys end up on a shelf. And, I think everyone has experienced the disappointment of a child when they open up a box that has clothes in it. They give you that look that says ...

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