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How Can I Get Out of the Fear Trap?

fear Aug 15, 2020

Have you ever felt like fear was controlling you? How do you eliminate fear in your life?

You are going through your day with high intentions of accomplishment. Things are going great! Then one news flash on your cell phone catches your eye, or a friend messages you to take caution because of some awful event in your city. All of a sudden, fear tries to take over!

How are we facing today’s challenges of fear?

Everything seems to be changing around you. Network news, social media, messages on your phone are all screaming out fear. Looking at the events of today, you would think that every corner of the world is being inflicted by turmoil and despair. News stories are centered around the pandemic, riots, and destruction in our cities - actions that have caused much anguish and interruption for many lives. We may wonder if we will ever return to “a normal life.”

These fears are broadcast daily by the journalists’ pen, daily news and on social media. Some days...

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