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What Am I Contributing?

contribution Nov 03, 2020

What comes to mind when you think about contribution?

Do you think of it as donating clothes and household items, giving money to a charity, or supplying food for those in need? Contributions such as these are always needed and appreciated by the receivers.

In the middle of preparing for a move – cleaning out closets to donate things I no longer use, I thought about: “What am I contributing?” Am I just contributing stuff? Is providing items that others may want or need enough? Offering things that supply others’ needs can make a significant difference. And, there’s no question that it makes us feel great having cleaned out closets and cupboards. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

And, there’s more!

What about our daily contributions? How do we contribute each and every day?

We are making contributions every day – giving of ourselves while playing with the kids, friendly words to the people we talk to in the grocery store or...

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