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connection Jul 30, 2020

Do you find it hard to focus on things that need to be done today?

Distractions are everywhere! If we allow ourselves to go off track we can be buried in emails, latest news on TV or in social media. We are even distracted by means of our own doing, like surfing the web, dwelling on a past experience, or busying ourselves with tasks that don’t make a difference in our lives. We are tuning out everyone around us.

Young people are distracted too!

This makes me think of our children. They’re watching everything that we do. If we spend a great amount of time doing menial tasks that don’t really add value to our day, engrossed in our email or the news, they may follow our lead.

Today, our young people are faced with more distractions than we ever were growing up. Their days are filled with the beckoning video games, Facebook, Tik Tok and cell phones. There are hundreds of electronic devices of distraction! And, they carry these distractions with them throughout the day...

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