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Greeting Change with Grace

change Jul 20, 2020

How do we face change?

Our lives are constantly changing! Are we ready?

Many changes are joyful: a new marriage, welcoming a new baby; achieving that promotion we have been after at work; or starting a new business we have been dreaming about.

Sometimes we are faced with unexpected changes that can rock our world: a loss of a job; a business that didn’t survive an unexpected crisis; or a need to relocate to unfamiliar surroundings.

Change can be exciting and wonderful, or stressful and scary.

But, we can choose! How are we facing the challenges of change? Worry, anxiety, stress and fear rob us of our health and happiness. We are constantly stressing about the things that can go wrong with this impending change. We start with fearing the worst of things that can happen. Instead of looking at the great things that may come out of change, we wallow in despair. And now we have let fear take over.

Let’s look at this another way! The job that was lost has now opened up new...

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