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Young Connections

connection Jul 30, 2020

Do you find it hard to focus on things that need to be done today?

Distractions are everywhere! If we allow ourselves to go off track we can be buried in emails, latest news on TV or in social media. We are even distracted by means of our own doing, like surfing the web, dwelling on a past experience, or busying ourselves with tasks that don’t make a difference in our lives. We are tuning out everyone around us.

Young people are distracted too!

This makes me think of our children. They’re watching everything that we do. If we spend a great amount of time doing menial tasks that don’t really add value to our day, engrossed in our email or the news, they may follow our lead.

Today, our young people are faced with more distractions than we ever were growing up. Their days are filled with the beckoning video games, Facebook, Tik Tok and cell phones. There are hundreds of electronic devices of distraction! And, they carry these distractions with them throughout the day...

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Rise Above the Noise

growth Jul 28, 2020

 Today, we are living in a different time!

The pandemic that has swept around the world has changed us! Many precious lives have been lost; some people are now feeling very alone, distressed, or fearful of what’s ahead. The constant daily reminders that we face – in newscasts, social media, and through personal contact may try to control our happiness and joy.

STOP! It’s noise!

Now, just for a moment take yourself away from all of this noise!  Close your eyes. Think! Do you remember what you were doing a few short months ago?

What were those goals you had before everything came to a stop? What were the dreams you were hoping to reach one day? How did you connect with others? Were you showing up as your best self? Were you caring, compassionate, and confident with who you are? 

We don’t have to allow ourselves to be part of the noise – living in fear, despair and feeling alone. We can rise above the noise and not allow ourselves to be...

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Greeting Change with Grace

change Jul 20, 2020

How do we face change?

Our lives are constantly changing! Are we ready?

Many changes are joyful: a new marriage, welcoming a new baby; achieving that promotion we have been after at work; or starting a new business we have been dreaming about.

Sometimes we are faced with unexpected changes that can rock our world: a loss of a job; a business that didn’t survive an unexpected crisis; or a need to relocate to unfamiliar surroundings.

Change can be exciting and wonderful, or stressful and scary.

But, we can choose! How are we facing the challenges of change? Worry, anxiety, stress and fear rob us of our health and happiness. We are constantly stressing about the things that can go wrong with this impending change. We start with fearing the worst of things that can happen. Instead of looking at the great things that may come out of change, we wallow in despair. And now we have let fear take over.

Let’s look at this another way! The job that was lost has now opened up new...

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Being Patient

patience Jun 28, 2020



Can we learn to be more patient? 

“Are we there yet?” When the kids were small, I heard this a lot! They couldn’t wait to be at the final destination on after a long car ride, and grew even more impatient waiting for the big Birthday party or the upcoming visit to the amusement park.  

Now, even as adults we can find impatience sneaking into our lives. We grow impatient with ourselves when learning a new job, or putting a new process or system in place. We get impatient waiting on long lines or in traffic. And yes, we sometimes even find impatience with a family member.

In today’s world everything is moving fast. We pack our day full of tasks and projects, not taking a minute away from chasing the clock until the end of the day when we can look back at all the things we accomplished today.

We ask ourselves: What did I do today?” The truth sinks in! We were rushing so fast through the day – mindlessly...

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Want More Energy?

energy Jun 24, 2020

Feeling tired and sluggish?

          When you start your day feeling tired, like you haven’t gotten enough sleep, it’s hard to keep going. It’s hard to keep up with the kids, or be on top of your game at work. You need energy.

          In order to be more productive, focused and confident in whatever you are accomplishing, energy is one of the most important human drives. How energetic are you? Ask yourself the following 5 questions about your energy, and I will share a tip for each on how you can increase the energy and vibrancy in your life.

First and foremost: how many hours of sleep do you get each night?

          You should be getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. If you are not getting enough sleep you are unable to function at the top of your game.

Second: how do you exercise to keep your energy up?


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