How I Overcame What Was Holding Me Back

clarity Aug 17, 2020

How do I overcome roadblocks? What's stopping me?

Have you ever felt that you are on a treadmill? You keep reaching for the next goal. It's in reach, but you hit a snag. You are being held back. You feel that you have lost your momentum. Your motivation and energy are gone.

On our journey to reaching our dreams we all hit times where something seems to be holding us back. Maybe it’s a limiting belief we grew up with; or something someone said, or, maybe it’s just self-doubt keeping us from reaching the next level on our way to fulfilling that dream.

I was there! After leaving a career in a specialized field I felt a sense of uselessness. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next and at the same time I felt a strong desire to make an impact on the world – to give back. But how? I felt I had nothing that the world would want. My skill set was specialized, and I didn’t really want to dive back into the 9-5 world where my daily life was controlled by another.

After struggling with this dilemma for a bit, I found a Certified High-Performance Coach who helped me see the real me! While working with my coach I found my passion and true purpose in life. I learned that I can give back. My energy and productivity increased more each day, and I gained more confidence. And, most of all I found joy and happiness with who I am. I found enthusiasm for life.

No more dark days of worry, feeling unworthy or fear of reaching for the next big thing. I am living life on my terms, happy, joyful and fulfilled.

You may feel like you are on that treadmill. Your energy gives out before the end of the day. The Motivation you need to reach for your goals and dreams just isn't there anymore, and you are let fear of failure be your roadblock. 

I can help you get off of that treadmill!

As your Certified High-Performance Coach, I will help you find the clarity you need to make your dreams become a reality, and share proven strategies that will increase your energy, courage, confidence and influence. Let me help you develop your plan to live a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Nothing can hold you back!  


Diana Gillig, CHPC



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