My Special Gift

giving Dec 09, 2020

Do you go through the annual episode of buying the perfect gifts to give to each family member and friend? It just has to be perfect!

If you’re like me – this decision can take hours, or even days. What will they like? What do they want? It just has to be special!

This year is no different!

As the Holidays quickly approach, I was, again thinking about what gifts to buy. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is toys and electronics that the kids are wishing for. They always have a long list for me to choose from, so it’s usually easy to decide what to give each one of them.

While going through each list I wondered: “What is the most special gift of all that I could give?” Toys keep their interest and excitement for a while, but in time the enjoyment fades, and then the toys end up on a shelf. And, I think everyone has experienced the disappointment of a child when they open up a box that has clothes in it. They give you that look that says Clothes? Really? There’s always that one special gift that makes them squeal with joy. It’s a win!

We all get a warm happy feeling when we see faces light up and smiles filled with joy when they open that special gift they wished for. We share in their happiness, and we celebrate the time we are spending together. These moments will be remembered for a long time! 

We are giving the gift of ourself!

Each one of us has a history that is all our own. Events and memories of our past are what has helped shape us into who we are today. And, throughout our own histories we have each given and received many gifts. Many of those gifts may be very sentimental. Sentimental because of the place, occasion, or maybe because of the person themselves.

Each one of those gifts represents thoughts of caring love and joy that was felt. The emotions of Joy and pleasure just to be together! Connections are stronger between the giver and receiver than the present itself. These feelings are the ones that will encircle us again and again as we re-live the beautiful memories. Those emotions and memories are forever Gifts!

We remember! Our hearts swell with gratitude and love for having that person in our lives – even if they are far away, or not with us anymore. We are so grateful that we were given time to share a part of our lives with them. We will always keep these memory gifts close to our heart.  

Spend time with your family and friends! Enjoy each and every experience you can together! Share your gratitude and joy with each other!  For these are the gifts that last a lifetime. Be present in these moments. Breathe in the joy, excitement and love all around us. These are the gifts we remember for a lifetime! 

Oh, I still haggle with: “What gift can I buy that will bring joy and happiness for a while?” I scour through retail stores and websites looking for the perfect gift for each person on my gift list. But now, it’s a much happier event for me, because after my extensive research finding most special gift, I have learned a very valuable lesson: it’s not really the special present we give – it’s being present and giving of ourselves!   

There is no greater gift than this!

Your Coach,

Diana Gillig, CHPC




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