How I Found My Life Passion

purpose Aug 17, 2020

Have you found your passion in life? Do you jump out of bed each morning with excitement as you greet the new day?   

 You have what you want - great job, nice home, dependable car. No bells or whistles! You’re just living a content life. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. No guessing; no life challenges. You don’t even have to take scary risks! You always know what is coming next. We call this  “living safe!”

You’re asking “What’s wrong with living safe?

Living a life without challenge is fine for some. But not you!

You are a high performer and look for challenges that take you to your next level of success. You take on opportunities to grow and reach the goals before you.

It all starts with that nudge – a poke a voice! It’s your inner voice speaking up from deep in your mind. It  asks you: What accomplishments have I done in my life? Have I allowed myself to live? Am I truly happy?

What if I want More?

We all may hit a time in our life when we have to take a moment; look back on our life, and ask similar questions. “Did I give my all.” How did I get to here?” We may even regret that we didn’t do more – take more risks – or just do something that made an impact on others.

That’s where I was when I left a “safe” full time job to work on a family business. I thought everything was going along fine until that voice interrupted my safe life. It kept telling me “This isn’t enough” “There’s more.” “Where’s your passion?”

As frustrating as that little voice was, I had to listen. I knew I wanted more! I wanted to live with enthusiasm for my accomplishments. I wanted to put my heart into something that gave me meaning in my life!

I joined different organizations, committees and groups where I thought I could find the answer to what I was looking for. But, It wasn’t there! I met some great people, but I wasn’t finding the outlet I needed – to give back to others. There was no impact – no passion!

 Finding My Purpose!

Then, while attending a conference on personal development I heard others talking about working with great coaches. Their coaches were helping them find their own ways to life fulfillment and satisfaction. A couple told me how their lives changed. They found new meaning and purpose, and their lifestyles changed for the better. I started to realize changing a situation wasn’t the real answer. The change I was looking for had to begin with me! I had to work on me!

After the conference I signed up to work with a personal development coach. Everything started changing. I found the clarity I needed to find who I really was and what I wanted for me and my family! My confidence, energy and enthusiasm grew. I was gaining more energy and learned how to become more productive. Things from my past that held me back were no longer roadblocks for me. I was free of those shackles and enjoying life to the fullest.

Along the way I found my true purpose – to help others on their journey to filling their own lives with more vibrancy, meaning, happiness and joy. By helping them live into their best selves, I am helping them find their own passion for life!

Diana Gillig, CHPC                                              

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