How Am I Joyful?

joy Oct 14, 2020

How do we feel Joy? Does it show up in our lives every day? Are we waiting for something to happen to have a reason to be joyful?

Being joyful doesn’t happen because of an event or an occurrence. If we wait for something to happen to bring happiness or joy to us, we may have a long wait. Joy isn’t something we find. It’s within each one of us.

How can we be joyful today? Now? There’s a difference in waiting for joy and living in joy! Waiting for something wonderful to happen so we can find joy leaves us looking for the next shiny object that we believe will bring us joy.  When we reach for that shiny object, we find that pleasure is short-lived. Then, we are off looking for the next shiny object. Our search for joy is based on things or circumstances that bring a false sense of joy.

True joy comes from the heart. We find happiness in the things we see and do each day. Joy is a central part of our life and is expressed in everything we do. We have a more positive mindset, care more about others and bring joy to those we meet. And, when we are living with joy, we have more energy, enthusiasm, and balance in our lives. Negative thoughts are easily dismissed, and we are living as our best self.

What makes us joyful?

Are you happiest when you’re creating a work of art – a masterpiece for others to enjoy? Does spending time with your family and friends make you feel the most joyful? Do you have a passion for playing sports, hiking, camping and enjoying outdoor adventures? Or, do you have a hobby that you love? Allowing ourselves time for our favorite pastimes enhances our feelings of joy.

Have you ever noticed that when you are doing the things that you love the most you feel happy? They may not even be remarkable tasks. Simple everyday chores might give you that lift that makes you feel good about yourself – a job well done. You may get excited about cooking a delicious meal. Or, you are excited about being able to fix a leaky pipe happiness may come from fixing a leak. Our accomplishments – big or small – bring feelings of success and JOY!

How can I feel more joy today?

Even now, while we are staying at home, we can bring joy to the things we do. What a great time to take an online course and learn new things; read those books we have been planning to read; enjoy devoting more time to our favorite hobbies; and how about developing that plan to reach for a dream lifestyle.

Sharing joy!

Our joy is not meant to be kept for ourselves. We need to share it with the people around us - showing compassion for all, and lending a helping hand to those in need.

Living with joy brings us into alignment with life. Our outlook on the future is open to a clearer vision. We no longer allow ourselves to be slowed down by negative “what ifs.” Living the joy increases our positivity, energy and productivity. We wake up each morning enthusiastic - ready for a new day. We feel alive!

We are bringing JOY!




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