Freedom of Forgiveness

forgiveness Sep 25, 2020

How often do you find yourself thinking about events of the past?

Do you find yourself re-living experiences of mistakes, feelings of guilt, misunderstandings and old hurts from the past?

When we dwell on these old experiences, and question the actions that were taken, we may find ourselves re-living them. Some experiences were disagreements with others, and some were things that we regret. We think to ourselves, “I should have done. . .”

Now, we have reopened painful wounds and embarrassments of the past. We may have a sense of fear that some of these scenes will repeat in our future.

This may sound absurd! How many times do we think about bad experiences from our past? We dwell on the wrong choices or decisions we made, or relive hurt and anguish that we believe was caused by someone else?

Not allowing ourselves to be forgiving to ourselves and others brings bitterness and anger into our experiences of today. Our relationships all seem to be crumbling and we are depressed. We may be so wrapped up in the things that seem wrong that we can’t experience the good going on around us. And, without the act of forgiveness our growth in personal development is stilted.

  How can we block these bad scenes from our thoughts?

Learning from past missteps instead of wallowing in self-pity, hurt or anger is key! We all make choices – and they’re not always the best, but learning to forgive ourselves and others for a bad choice is imperative if we wish to live a happy fulfilled life!

We don’t have to excuse the offensive actions of others. Reacting to an offense may only deepen the hurt. But we can forgive their actions through understanding, compassion and kindness.

When we release all of the blame and distress of the past, forgive ourselves and others, we experience feelings of calm and peace.

Our hearts are now open to reach our ultimate happiness and joy. We are feeling the freedom of forgiveness!


Diana Gillig, CHPC


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